Kierkegaard CONCERT


Kierkegaard Koncert – the literary art of Søren Kierkegaard set to music. 

Some of the finest musicians that the danish improv-scene has to offer will this evening wholeheartedly leap out into what Kierkegaard calls “the never-ending ocean of uncertainty” together with “unscientifical Kierkegaard-researcher” C. F. Damgaard who reads selected Kierkegaard-prose aloud.

The hope is that the single individual – You!? – will have a musical and sensory experience of “the indescribable” which Søren Kierkegaard used his unique lyrical prose to describe.

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Kierkegaard Concert is available in English or Danish. Below you can read som danish newspapers reacting to it – if you do read danish that is.


You can read about the aspirations behind the concert in this document (in both danish and English): WHAT I WANT / HVAD JEG VIL