ABOUT CLAUS F. DAMGAARD, unscientific Kierkegaard researcher:
Since 2001 Claus F. Damgaard has devoted himself to exploring how the literary art of Søren Kierkegaard might actually be lived in a physical everyday reality and how he might be able to share this art with others without turning it into theory or knowledge.
The assignment Claus F. Damgaard has given himself is the opposite of what Kierkegaard claims the philosopher does: “The honourable philosopher is, as usual, transferring the scene from the existence to the paper.” (Concluding Unscientific Postscript)
Claus F. Damgaard has worked as an artistic guest-professor at Aarhus Universitet and as a research fellow at The Hong Kierkegaard Library in the USA.

OM CLAUS F. DAMGAARD, uvidenskabelig Kierkegaard-forsker :
Siden 2001 har Claus F. Damgaard helliget sig handlingsbaseret undersøgelse af hvordan Søren Kierkegaards litterære kunst mon kan leves i en konkret fysisk dagligdag og hvordan han mon bedst kan dele denne kunst med andre uden at forvandle det til hverken teori eller viden.
Den opgave Claus F. Damgaard har foræret sig selv er at gøre det modsatte af hvad “filosoffen” ifølge Kierkegaard foretager sig: “Den ærede Philosoph flytter som sædvanligt Scenen over fra Existentsen paa Papiret.“ (Afsluttende uvidenskabelig Efterskrift)
Claus F. Damgaard har været ansat som kunstner i gæsteprofessoratAarhus Universitet og som research fellowThe Hong Kierkegaard Library i USA.


2020: Started performing Kierkegaard Concerts with improvisational musicians.

2019: Launched Kierkegaard Channel on http://kierkegaard.tv.

2014: Was granted a fellowship and worked as a visiting scholar at the international Kierkegaard research center in the USA: The Hong Kierkegaard Library.

2013: Touring internationally with The Kierkegaard Comedy Show + published the book Me & Søren (Mig & Søren) .

2011: Put up a theatrical Kierkegaard-performance with a Kierkegaard-puppet: Every Place is a Dancing Place (Overalt er en Dandseplads).

2009: Put up a theatrical Kierkegaard-performance with a dancer and a dj/musician: Death & Hell (Død & Helvede).

2005/06: Worked as an artistic guest-professor (kunstner i gæsteprofessorat) at The University of Aarhus + started doing Kierkegaard-Exploratoriums and inspirational (anti-)talks.

2004: Put up a theatrical Kierkegaard-performance with a trumpet player: Uplift (Løft).

2003: Put up a theatrical Kierkegaard-performance with a opera singer: The Commander (Commandanten) 

2001: Started the production-company Enten-Eller named after Kierkegaards book Either-Or.

1998: Graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

1988-94: Studied psychology and medicin at the University of Aarhus.