Language: English or danish

Kierkegaard & The Comedy of it All
Søren Kierkegaard is often described as “the melancholic dane”. This talk will show that the direct opposite is equally – or even more – true: that Kierkegaard was a sublime humorist – AND – more importantly – who wanted his reader to also discover and fully enjoy the divine comedy of human existence. WARNING: There will be talked about death a lot.

Kierkegaard & Divine Inspiration
This talk will give you a profound experience of how essential the breathing is for Kierkegaard – and for any one who wants to fully enjoy what he calls “the eternity of imagination”, “eternal spirit” and “the passion of eternity”. WARNING: You will be invited to take part in physical exercises during the talk.


Kierkegaard & Wholehearted Action
You might think of Kierkegaard as theoretical thinker with no practical significance, but this talk will give you a very clear experience perception of the opposite: how enriching the paradoxes of Kierkegaards can be in actual physical every day living: when playing soccer, dancing, working together etc. WARNING: There will be no action. Just a man talking about it.


Kierkegaard & Eternal Love
How Kierkegaard tries to deceive, seduce and confuse his reader into personally experiencing what he calls “truth” – to be filled up by eternal impersonal love in the present moment and passionately wanting somehow to share it with other potentially human beings. WARNING: This is an absolutely unscientific talk with personal anecdotes.

Kierkegaard & The Church 
Why did Kierkegaard – who was a devoted christian – hate the church so much? Why was he against any religious organisation? Are his attacks still relevant? And what good will come of pursuing them? These are some of the questions raised. WARNING: This is an attempt at giving an upbuilding discourse.

Kierkegaard & The Erotic Ear
Can the words of this long dead writer really make a person living today more capable of fully enjoying the act of the erotic? That is the claim in this talk which even proposes that fully giving one self over to the erotic act – not loosing oneself but on the contrary maybe even winning oneself – is the ultimate task for a human being. WARNING: This talk has musical intermezzos with a live cello-player and there will be no words almost half the time. You will be asked to just breath and listen.


If you have a theatrical space available you might be interested in this more performative event:


The Kierkegaard Comedy Show has been performed in Denmark, in the United States, in South Africa, in England, in Scotland, in Norway and latest it has opened the 9th International Monodrama Festival in Germany, where it received the following review:

“Witty, sophisticated, well timed and hilarious. Kierkegaard is unraveled as a modern life-enhacer and Damgard is his prophet. He puts on the role of the manipulator, the guru while at the same time being the parody of a such. He makes absurd theater and razor sharp stand-up comedy, balances the relaxed with expressive outbursts and constantly keeps his audience on the knife edge. More uniquely, it can hardly be.



“One thing is to save one’s life by the magic of storytelling, as in A Thousand and One Nights, another is to deprive oneself from the magic of idea-generated enthusiasm and the rebirth of genuine passion – by being talkative.” (Kierkegaard, A Literary Review)