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Kierkegaard & The Art of Living / Kierkegaard’s “Livs-Kunst”
How to be both a creative artist in life and a living work of art being created.

Kierkegaard & Eternal Love – in the Moment / Kierkegaard &  Evig Kærlighed – i Øjeblikket
How to let divine, impersonal love into your everyday personal relationships.

Kierkegaard & the Dead-Serious Playing with Life / Kierkegaard & den dødsens-alvorlige leg med livet
How to repeatedly discover the comedy of it all – and not have the joke be on you.

If you have a theatrical space available you might be interested in this more performative event:


The Kierkegaard Comedy Show has been performed in Denmark, in the United States, in South Africa, in England, in Scotland, in Norway and latest it has opened the 9th International Monodrama Festival in Germany, where it received the following review:

“Witty, sophisticated, well timed and hilarious. Kierkegaard is unraveled as a modern life-enhacer and Damgard is his prophet. He puts on the role of the manipulator, the guru while at the same time being the parody of a such. He makes absurd theater and razor sharp stand-up comedy, balances the relaxed with expressive outbursts and constantly keeps his audience on the knife edge. More uniquely, it can hardly be.