Kierkegaard CHANNEL

Dear Human Being

I am currently working on video-essays for what I call Kierkegaard-CHANNEL.

I play around with the fact that Søren Kierkegaard is my best imaginary friend … a friend who is never afraid of telling me the truth! … as well as the opposite truth!

Who said it had to make sense!? … for far to many years now Kierkegaard’s authorship has been reduced to knowledge and analysed to pieces.

Kierkegaard-CHANNEL wants to offer hints at what can bring it all together – and back to life! … the hope is that you will feel inspired – and be stretched enough – to actively find out for yourself (once again?) what true art of living really is.

Kierkegaard-CHANNEL is an attempt at what Kierkegaard calls “indirect communication” in “the form of the experiment” and the aspiration is to – in a new, not only literary form – do what Kierkegaard did in his writing: “futz around with the inexpressible in jest and in sincerity until it is expressed”.

Please enjoy the suffering.

Claus Damgaard