Kierkegaard CHANNEL

Dear Human Being

I am currently working on video-essays, in which I play around with the idea that Søren Kierkegaard is MY BEST IMAGINARY FRIEND … a friend who is not afraid of telling me the truth! … and the opposite truth! … and a whole lot more than the truth! … when I download a new app, when I do yoga, when I watch Star Wars,  when I am on a spiritual retreat, when I am late for an appointment with my woman etc.


I want to share with you the art and wisdom of Kierkegaard in a new NOT ONLY LITERARY form. The impossible – but infinitely joyful – ASPIRATION, I have given myself, is to do what Kierkegaard did: “futz around with the inexpressible in jest and in sincerity until it is expressed”.

Please enjoy the SUFFERING.

Claus Damgaard