Dear Human Being.

I call myself “Kierkegaard explorer.”

Since 2001 I have been full-time-exploring how one might actually live the art of Kierkegaard  … and how best to share this art with others … without reducing it to lifeless knowledge.

Please enjoy the suffering.

Claus Damgaard


2014: Was granted a fellowship and worked as a visiting scholar at the international Kierkegaard research center in the USA: The Hong Kierkegaard Library.

2013: Touring internationally with The Kierkegaard Comedy Show + published the book Me & Søren (Mig & Søren) .

2011: Put up a theatrical performance with a Kierkegaard-puppet: Every Place is a Dancing Place (Overalt er en Dandseplads).

2009: Put up a theatrical performance with a dancer and a dj/musician: Death & Hell (Død & Helvede).

2005/06: Worked as an artistic guest-professor (kunstner i gæsteprofessorat) at The University of Aarhus + started doing Kierkegaard-Exploratoriums and inspirational (anti-)talks.

2004: Put up a theatrical performance with a trumpet player: Uplift (Løft).

2003: Put up a theatrical performance with a opera singer: The Commander (Commandanten) 

2001: Started the production-company Enten-Eller named after Kierkegaards book Either-Or.

1998: Graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

1988-94: Studied psychology and medicin at the University of Aarhus.